10 sketching tips for beginners

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Beginner’s Guide to Sketching is the latest installment in the 3DTotal Beginner’s Guide series, offering inspiration and advice for anyone looking to take their first creative steps, from choosing the right drawing tools to understanding shading and value, adding color, and creating a finished scene.

Our friends at 3DTotal have given us a special sneak peek of the book with 10 top tips to help you on your sketching journey!

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01. How to create curly hair with simple lines

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Draw two straight vertical lines; these will be your guidelines for the width and length of the curl. Now loosely draw a wavy line down between the two lines.

Double this wavy line a little below the first. You can already see a curly ribbon forming before you. Now connect the open parts on the sides, remove the guidelines, and add some details.

02. Avoid smudging


When shading, use an extra piece of paper underneath your hand. This will minimize the amount your hand smudges your pencil lines. If you’re right-handed, start shading from left to right; if you’re left-handed, start at the right and move to the left.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a clean-looking drawing that loses its brilliance and value thanks to constant smudging. Instead, use smudging to your advantage every now and then to smooth out shading. You can do this with several tools. I use a simple piece of tissue paper to get the job done.

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