Top 10 Tips: Choosing Art Materials

Art materials are so ubiquitous in our homes and schools that we take for granted they are safe. Yet they may contain dangerous chemicals such as solvents, heavy metals, phthalates and preservatives like formaldehyde and parabens. Exposure can occur by ingestion, inhalation or absorption through skin. Follow these guidelines to keep art projects safe and […]

10 Tips for Using Artwork in Your Homes Interior

1. Buy Art that You Love. Whether or not it has the potential to rise in value, it should be something you will enjoy having in your home every day. Remember, the art is for you. 2. Be Open to Different Mediums. Why always pick a painting? Find the type of art that will work […]

10 sketching tips for beginners

Beginner’s Guide to Sketching is the latest installment in the 3DTotal Beginner’s Guide series, offering inspiration and advice for anyone looking to take their first creative steps, from choosing the right drawing tools to understanding shading and value, adding color, and creating a finished scene. Our friends at 3DTotal have given us a special sneak […]